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Intensive 72 hour Survival Experience with Green Man Survival

  • Location Newby Bridge
  • Price from £350.00


Do you think you are prepared for this?

Join Green Man Survival for our most in depth and demanding survival challenge. You will spend 72 hours surviving in our private woodland learning a wealth of skills and knowledge that will enable you to thrive in this stunning habitat. 

Throughout this rigorous experience you will be taught and then encouraged to demonstrate and develop the skills so that you leave us owning the knowledge. This is a VERY hands on course and requires significant input from the learner. We would advise having a background in the outdoors, however, all skills will be thoroughly taught in a nurturing environment to aid in your learning. 

Expect to be moving at night, having some “surprise additions” thrown in and using very primitive toilets, this ain't your usual fixed camp boutique bushcraft course!

The below core principles of survival will be addressed throughout your 72 hours:

The first layer of shelter is actually the clothes you have on your body. Correct clothing and the importance of carrying a simple shelter kit will be discussed, providing something to sleep under, in and on top of. 
Camp location and dynamic assessment of risk shall be touched upon as well as the issues surrounding losing body heat through the effects of convection, conduction and radiation.
You will have the opportunity to spend the night under both natural shelters and tarps. You will also have the opportunity if appropriate to spend the night with no fixed shelter, just your clothing and a fire.
We will demonstrate various options and what we carry in our personal kit for both planned and unplanned scenarios.

Fire is an intrinsic human skill that unlocks the door to survival.
We will go over the various methods to create initial flame, as well as the importance of ember management and the preparation of tinder bundles. We will take a short walk through our woods to gather further dry materials to aid in our success of creating fire; even in the pouring rain it is possible so by mastering these skills, the weather will never be a hindrance again. With a comprehensive demonstration of the skills needed to create fire from a spark you will be tasked to put your new skill set into practice to light your own fires.
The subject is comprehensive and we will cover the following points:
  • Flint and steel
  • Ferrocerium rods
  • Char material
  • Tinder bundles
  • Stick bundles
  • Fire lays
  • The bow drill friction method 
  • Ethical and safe use, and removal of fire

You will be tasked to light your fire with various methods and will cook and boil your own water throughout the experience. This is a skill you will have mastered by the end of your time with us.

Collecting water and making it safe to drink is of paramount importance. We will discuss how to find a suitable water source, assess its condition, then collect, filter and boil it to make it safe for consumption. The five contaminates will be identified and also the methods surrounding chemical treatment and mechanical filtration discussed, as well as:
  • Gypsy wells
  • Transpiration
  • Evaporation
  • UV

You will need to source all your own water for the duration of the experience. All equipment will be provided, even a stream!

Plant identification and foraging, along with knowing your trees, is at the heart of bushcraft. Sharing of this knowledge will be a constant throughout the experience. We will also explore the finer details of procuring protein.
After an extensive introduction to trapping, survival fishing and the creation of these apparatus, you will be tasked to make three different traps so as to fully understand the topic.

Using nature as a resource is at the core of the subject of bushcraft. We will learn how to identify direction from the sun, the stars and from the composition of the woods. We will also have a brief map study utilising the skills of modern navigation to prevent becoming lost and planning our travel with our resources in mind.

Audio and visual signals could be the difference between rescue and another night in the woods. We will elaborate on and practice various methods. As a group we will also create a signal fire to demonstrate its use.

Carrying the right tools for the job enables us to thrive outdoors. You will be shown proper and safe use of various tools including knives and saws. You will have the opportunity to make various items from scratch including pegs, pot hangers, traps and tripods to use in your camp. Cordage and knot work will also be explored while rigging your tarps, building traps and lashing tripods.

A comprehensive subject that we will briefly touch upon. We will have a look at what we are carrying in our personal first aid kits and why.

We will introduce you to this dark art. This is not something that can be mastered in a short session but it will open your eyes to the secrets of game trails and feeding sites. This is when you truly start to see what the woods have to offer.


This experience is offered on a private booking basis for you and your group, giving you flexibility to choose the date that works best for you.
The minimum requirement is two adult tickets when booking this private activity.

This in depth four day experience runs from 12:00 on Day 1 to approx 12:00 on Day 4 (72 hours).

Meals are provided from dinner on Day 1 to a light lunch on Day 4.
Tea, coffee, hot chocolate will be available throughout the experience.

Bring the contents of the multi-day kit list and all will be good. Oh, and bring some mental fortitude, positive attitude and a sense of adventure because you will need it.

For any enquiries, get in touch with Green Man Survival on 07946 841 772 or email to

Duration: Four days (from 12:00 on Day 1 to approx 12:00 on Day 4)
Challenge Level: 5/5 
Maximum No: 8 people 
Suggested Min Age: 16 yrs

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No-frills Accommodation

Tarp shelter or survival shelter created by you!

    What's included

  • Food Meals from dinner on Day 1 to a light lunch on Day 4 will be provided
  • Drink Tea, coffee, hot chocolate will be available

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing
  • Waterproofs
  • Drink
  • Camping Equipment
  • Other See the multi-day kit list on


Custom Policy

All bookings made are non-refundable. If you have to cancel your booking, you will forfeit your payment made to Green Man Survival. A booking may be rearranged at the discretion of Green Man Survival – contact us in writing to discuss this. No refunds are given if the client does not show up on the day for any reason. In the event that Green Man Survival are forced to cancel your booking due to circumstances beyond our control, we will contact you to rearrange your booking, or issue a full refund of your monies paid to Green Man Survival.

There will be no further compensation offered. Green Man Survival cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred as a result of cancellation and as such it is highly recommended that you take out suitable insurance to cover cancellation, any personal accident and liability or loss/damage to personal belongings.


Newby Bridge


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